SQUID BLOOD: Artist, Producer and DJ


Wallrusy Uny Blck with eyes copy SquidySpidey copy Snakey copy Raptorus

Owly2 copy Jelly CyboredBeat Up Owly2 crab aa Squidblood1

CRBR Live in Charleston, SC squidblood_logo2-black-glitched-10-9-2016-1-53-56-am 6 penelope-artwork image3303 53koutetsu-concept-squid-slant-2-flourescent-glitched-9-30-2016-10-01-43-pm koutetsu-concept-squid-slant-4-green-gradient-quadritone-glitched-9-30-2016-10-09-02-pmR&KDreamsScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.43.02 AM

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